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Developers Sitting on Sites

At the time of writing, the proposed Public Meeting at the Royal Shades Pub concerning the Hayling Ferry had not yet taken place. Please note that this was not organized by HI Residents Association. However it is to be hoped that the owners will be able to provide a viable business proposal that benefits all members of our community. If it were combined with a minibus service on the Island and coordinated with Portsmouth and Southsea bus services, not only could it support Islanders working in or visiting those centres, it could also provide a great ‘Harbour Tour’. Some members have already suggested their enthusiasm for enjoying a day’s excursion. These boat trips already exist in Chichester Harbour and from Portsmouth’s west side, so why not from Hayling?

We have recently been made aware of Havant Borough Council’s request for people to identify sites for ‘housing and employment needs’ for the next 20 years in the Borough. These may be for housing, employment, retail, leisure, community, health, renewable energy and other uses. Anyone who has constructive ideas on this should let the Council know via its webpage: which is in the public domain.

Whilst we might assume that this request follows the Government putting pressure on authorities such as Hampshire to provide more house building sites, it is a shocking fact that as recently as December 30th 2015, a national newspaper reported that Britain’s biggest housebuilders possess enough land to create more than 600,000 new homes and have been ‘sitting’ on the plots instead of building. We have a right to know why our Government has not ensured that there are financial penalties for such behaviour. Equally, many of us know that London has long had empty properties that have been bought as investments and kept empty. Surely this is unethical at a time when good land is taken from agriculture or green belt to satisfy - particularly London’s - housing demands?

On Thursday, February 18th at 7:30 pm at Mengham’s United Reformed Church, as part of HI Residents Association’s remit we are providing members and the public alike to learn about both Chichester and Langstone Harbour Conservancies’ role and work. Inevitably Hayling is greatly affected by any policies and work carried out by these Trusts so it is definitely in our interests to know more about them. There will be three speakers through the evening providing video as well as the opportunity to ask questions of their work. Many of you may already belong to the Friends of Chichester Harbour, enjoying their talks and Solar Boat Cruises, but how many of you realize that on both eastern and western sides of Hayling, there is ongoing Trust work? As usual we will provide refreshments while you have the chance to talk further. Come along, bring friends or neighbours, and satisfy your curiosity!

If you can, let us know you’re coming on

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