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Successful Referendum Debate!

On June 10th over 80 people gathered in the Community Centre in West Town to hear what our 4 Speakers – 2 for Remain, 2 for Leave – had to say in support of their own side’s campaign before the final EU Referendum vote later in June. Many residents were keen to be able to ask their own questions and listen to the arguments here on Hayling. HIRA organized this meeting following urgent last minute requests as people became more uncertain about which way to vote despite national debates.

Mike Fairhurst (Cons. Havant BC) and Matthew Cowley (Southampton University Politics & Economics student) for the Leave Campaign, Jackie Branson (Cons. Havant BC), Paul Gray (Liberal Democrat) for the Remain Campaign briefly presented key points then took turns to answer the audience’s 15 questions. To their credit, each speaker worked hard to persuade the knowledgeable but often skeptical questioner; the mood in the audience was good natured even when lively!

Topics ranged from the European Union's structure, member states’ democratic sovereignty, and, whether in or out, how our national security, our economic prospects and trade would be affected. The issue of immigration controls, University Chancellors’ perception of the benefits of the European Union and the panellists' opinion as to whether voters would vote rationally or emotionally were also raised. At the end, from the floor, the new Mayor of Havant BC praised the quality of the meeting and that was in no small part down to the audience who raised such interesting questions for discussion. A straw poll initially showed 16 for ‘Remain’, 39 for ‘Leave’ and 15 undecided. At the end of the meeting, about 3 people had changed their minds.

Hayling Ferry

Whilst it’s great news that Crowdfunding gives us all a chance to, literally, get on board a much wanted Ferry, we have a limited time to do so. Please check your options to make it a reality on, or call 07703 185069 and make it happen.

Stoke Pedestrian Crossing

A Petition for this long overdue crossing on the busy Havant Road can be signed at Stoke Fruit Farm Shop and Stoke P.O. Please support it!

Hayling Billy Pub

Amongst local residents there is still real concern about plans for the Hayling Billy Pub which McCarthy & Stone will, we understand, buy subject to planning. Those living and working in the vicinity are keenly aware of the issues of congestion but at the same time the need for more, local amenities in that part of Hayling. Many people are hugely relieved that common sense prevailed when Churchill’s Appeal against the refusal of its erstwhile Pullinger’s planning application was turned down - key details cited in last month’s Islander. Local residents still need to be listened to as do all those already living and working along this stretch of Elm Grove and associated roads.

Let us know what amenities and facilities that you would like to see off Elm Grove. Do we need more elderly care facilities? Is it time for a new Surgery in view of the already increasing number of houses being built on the Island? Drop us a note to HIRA at the Library, The Terracotta Pot Shop, Morris Dibben or HI Community Centre.


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