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Eastoke Beach Concerns

Following local residents' concerns about the height of the shingle along this section, preventing the enjoyment of the sea views, the subsequent falling of large pebbles onto the promenade, potential injury to pedestrians and difficulties for those with mobility problems, Havant Borough Council response could be summed up as follows: > The shingle is part of Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) strategy to protect properties by the continuous movement of shingle along the beach. Open views means open to floods and the protection of people and their property comes first. After HIRA"s Oct. 19th Public Meeting last week when we raised this issue, an Eastoke resident emailed us with the f

Hayling Ferry Working Party

A meeting of the Hayling Ferry Working Party took place on Tuesday 16 October 2018. A number of the members were keen to alter the times that the buses run to the ferry, in order to provide transport to tourists and to residents wishing to visit Portsmouth/Hayling for leisure and shopping as well as work. Councillor Wilson pointed out that the Council Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money had been given to provide alternative options of transports for those needing to commute between Hayling and Portsmouth for work, thus easing congestion during the rush hour. Concerns were raised by campaigners that whilst the service was not being used the CIL money would be exhausted running a service that few

Hayling Regeneration

Cllr. Pike urges all residents to read the Council's revised Regeneration Strategy which the Cabinet will be discussing in their Meeting this afternoon. This will be debated by Council on November 7th. Residents are advised to write to their Councillors, email or letter, with cc to Cllr. Pike and HIRA if they wish to make any comments or suggestions. The document, entitled 'Opportunity Havant' sub-heading A Regeneration Strategy for Havant Borough 2018-2036, can be found as follows: Either use the following link then finding Item 7 Additional Document "Regeneration Strategy' which you might be able to download. http://havant.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=128&MId=10587 Or open H

Tree Wardens

The following is an extract from Havant Borough Tree Wardens (HBTW), a voluntary group involved in the following activities: tree trails and publishing tree trail booklets, putting on tree exhibition, giving guided tree walks, giving talks about HBTW network, tree planting, seed collecting and planting projects with local (primary) schools, warning Tree Officer of threats to trees, supporting the establishment of TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders). Please contact them below for more information about this invaluable work. Website www.havantboroughtreewardens.org.uk email hbctreewardens@gmail.com Twitter @HBTreeWardens Street Trees – A Love / Hate Topic The intense sunlight during our recent s

Pedestrian/Cycle Improvements

To the Owner / Occupier Economy, Transport and Environment Department Elizabeth II Court West, The Castle Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD Tel: 0300 555 1388 (General Enquiries) Tel: 0300 555 1390 (Hearing and Speech Impaired Customers) www.hants.gov.uk http://www3.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes Enquiries to Brandon Breen My reference BBEG2018 Direct Line Your reference Date 11th October 2018 Email implementation@hants.gov.uk Dear Sir / Madam PROPOSED PEDESTRIAN/CYCLE IMPROVEMENTS (PHASE 1), HAYLING ISLAND I am writing to invite you to a public information session regarding the proposed pedestrian and cycle improvements at Elm Grove, Tournerbury Lane and Legion Field (behind Mengham J

Parking Charges

The following is published with Cllr. Tim Pike's approval, and provides Cllr. Tim Pike's personal response to a resident's expressed concern and questions to him regarding the new Car Park Charges on Hayling. "My apologies if there was still confusion, but the Cabinet implemented the all year around charges at a previous meeting - this decision had already been placed within the budget, so it would not be possible to change it unless I had another source of money to replace it with. I also said ... that I consider it fair that all our car parks have similar charging regimes - every area of the Borough thinks there are good reasons for reduced or no charges in certain areas or at certain tim

Infrastructure Meeting

Infrastructure dominated the discussion at a Meeting September 17th organized by the Havant Borough Residents’ Associations and associated groups, when they invited the new HBC Head of Planning Simon Jenkins (also working for East Hants.), HBC’s David Hayward Planning Policy Manager and Cllr. Leah Turner, HBC’s new Cabinet Lead for Communities, Planning and Housing, to hear their concerns. Residents gave well researched presentations on Borough wide issues with a few highlighted here. Residents urged appropriate Land Use – for example, Brownfield sites still unused, permitted developments still not built yet greenfield sites brought forward - and Affordable Housing rather than Developers’

Catastrophic Spillage

Hayling’s Infrastructure problems continue to cause anxiety and, for some, more immediate distress. On September 15th residents nearby Hayling’s Stoke Village pumping station, which pumps Hayling’s accumulated effluent to Southern Water’s (SW) Budds Farm, experienced the full force of escaping raw sewage into neighbouring ditches, a field and into Langstone Harbour. Despite upgraded and inbuilt safety features both pumps – one of which alone was technically sufficient for the task – failed, so local man hole covers were forced open by unrelenting effluent pressure. At least two issues arise from this. Firstly SW’s presentation assured HBC Officers, Councillors and residents’ groups’ repr

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