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Speedwatch Training

In response to my inquiry of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary regarding the possibility of setting up Speedwatch on Hayling, following complaints of repeated speeding vehicles on a few of Hayling's roads, I have received the following email from the Coordinator regarding this initiative. Please note that:

- anyone wishing to participate in Speedwatch must contact the Coordinator below;

- anyone with complaints about speeding vehicles should advise the police using the email provided at the foot of this email.

Thank you for your email regarding the speeding in Hayling Island.

I am only able to assist you here in part as you have emailed the mailbox for community Speedwatch.

Community Speedwatch is a scheme whereby volunteers in the local community come together to monitor speeding vehicles. They then report this data back to the police and we send educational letters out on their behalf. Hayling island used to have its own group however they are no longer active. If you and the local residents would like to restart this group we would be happy to help you and train any new volunteers.

Unfortunately we would not be able to assist on the Billy trail as speedwatch works by volunteers recording the number plates so we can carry out checks so this would not be possible to do with cyclists.

If the residents feel there is an issue with speeding then any complaints should be sent to our roads policing unit who will respond and look into placing the speed van in the area to monitor and ticket any offending vehicles. The email for them is

Please let me know if you would like any further information about community speedwatch.

Kind Regards


Angela Johnson

Citizens in Policing Coordinator

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary


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