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Flood Alert

I don't usually send out flood alerts but this one was brought to my attention by a member who understands the significance of what constitute unusually high tides & their risks.  Please do read it & let others now of it if they are in any of the areas listed.  Further details including a map of areas affected may be found on You.Gov. Flood alert OR try this link:  You.Gov Flood Alert

"Tuesday's early morning tide at 00:15 on 09/04/2024 is higher than normal due to unsettled weather with strong Southerly Force 7 winds and large waves. The total forecast tide is 5.75 metres Chart Datum (3.02 mAOD). The tide could be higher than ever recorded before. Property flooding is expected at Langstone, Northney, Selsmore and South Hayling. For 1 hour either side of high water, all coastal roads across Hayling Island and large areas of low lying land will experience flooding. Properties next to slipways at Ferry Road, West Hayling and low lying property at Stoke are at risk. After this tide the weather becomes more settled but minor impacts could continue until Thursday (11/04/2024). We are ensuring that tidal defence gates at Eastoke are closed and liaising with local response teams over the condition of the beach at South Hayling. Avoid South Hayling seafront at high tide. Shingle and debris can be thrown by strong winds and large waves. If you have it, please install flood protection 1 hour before high tide. We will remove this message by 16:00 on 09/04/2024."


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