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Draft Local Plan: Consultation

Successive Government policies continue to drive the pressure on all Local Authorities to significantly boost the supply of housing through their Local Plans and, where the latter do not comply, a Minister can impose a decision.

HIRA and NEHRA representatives together with 4 of our Borough Councillors attended a July meeting to hear information from Havant Borough Council officers about the Draft Local Plan Housing Statement, which will also set the framework for the Havant Borough Local Plan 2036. HIRA also shared residents’ concerns regarding the proposals.

Consultation on the Draft Housing Statement is taking place from 25th July to 9th September. Planning Officers made it very clear that they seek to involve us all in selecting the best options for local people rather than have decisions imposed. It is also clear to everyone that only a change in legislation or any Government’s policy – or indeed housing demand – is likely to stop this current drive to build on our green spaces.

All of the information is available online at and at all of the Borough’s libraries. Six Exhibitions are planned around the Borough: Hayling Island’s will be on August 15th at the United Reformed Church, Hollow Lane 4pm-7pm. Details for the others are on the website – all exhibitions are the same. Your views can be made by email to or by post to Local Plan Housing Statement, Planning Policy Team, Havant Borough Council, Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX. Computers for email and internet access are at Hayling Library, and Havant Plaza has both free Wi-fi for public use and a snack bar for your convenience. The Havant Borough Plan shows graphic description of intensive mainland future building, and Hayling’s development is: South of Rook Way 53, north of Rook Way 119, west of Rook Way 222 and Station Rd. north of Sinah Lane/West of Furniss Way 161.

Our strong representation on behalf of residents included the clear traffic access/egress problems on roads neither built nor designed for such increased use, similarly flood risks already caused by surface water, quality of life for all pedestrians and cyclists and the lack of satisfactory emergency provisions caused, for example, by damage to the bridge or indeed any other serious traffic incident. We also asked why there is no decision on Hayling having another suitable medical multi-purpose centre and HIRA plans to raise this with the current Mengham Practice. Whilst there may be a national shortage of GPs caused by retirements and national longevity increase, HIRA strongly feels that current lengthy waiting times and staff shortages need to be looked into.

Usefully the Planning Officers’ sympathetic approach to Hayling’s situation encourages us all to take a pro-active approach to a whole Island coordinated strategy regarding Hayling’s future.

At the time of writing we cannot know the outcome of the July 22 Winchester meeting regarding the Tip although we know that, for whatever reasons, County Council has decided not to close any Tip completely. In contrast, the housing issue – we have been advised - is a matter for which we must urgently take a measured and well thought out approach involving the whole Island.

Ferryboat Campaign: Great news - Hayling Ferry opens August 3rd! Please be aware that any pledge you make towards the Ferry will, we’ve been told, qualify you for vouchers when it’s running. Please read: or if not online please pay your pledges at The Terracotta Pot Shop, Eastoke.

Next Public Meeting with Alan Mak MP as speaker:Friday October 14th 7:30pm.

Contact us: or our 4 dropboxes (Library, Community Centre, Morris Dibben, Terracotta Pot Shop).

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