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Borough Wide Residents' Alliance Meeting with Planning Officers

In response to the 10 Residents' Associations - that include HIRA - and Stakeholders in Havant Borough, Planning Officers have agreed to meet with us on October 19th to discuss our key concerns about the proposed Local Housing Plan 2036. We are all aware of the national pressures being put onto our Council and we will be seeking ways to mitigate some of its worst effects. It is clear to us that our green spaces have been inadequately protected. What many residents have assumed is that our County and Borough Councils and their Councillors have protected important environmental and socially important areas. Increasingly, we are all becoming aware that what is important to us residents, and to visitors who value the Borough's and Hayling Island's qualities in particular, is not if similar value to those to whom we entrust planning and legislative decisions.

On our earlier post, readers can see that there is legislative force behind the Local Plan proposed. It is therefore of real importance that we are all aware of Government planning implications and make our voices heard.

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