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Pressing Local Issues

HIRA hosted County Election Hustings drew an audience of about 90, similar to 2015’s General Election Hustings. It is essential that voters take Hustings seriously because they are a key means of not only listening to candidates but witnessing their responses to a wide range of questions. All the candidates attending worked hard to provide answers but there was a sharp difference in individual responses revealing some surprising lack of knowledge. It is clear that voters need to know the best person for the job – the Hustings provided considerable insight. Please see our website NEWS for our report.

Fly-tipping remains a serious concern for residents. Everyone should know that if we don’t use an approved licensed waste carrier to dispose of unwanted items, we could be fined up to £400, regardless of whether or not we pay them. The Environmental Agency provides an online register of waste carriers . Not only is fly-tipping – as well as other casual litter - unsightly and unhygienic, it costs everyone because someone has to pay for its collection.

Those of us subscribing to the free Police Hampshire Alerts have noticed the persistent nature of ‘invasive’ crimes listed over recent months. Mr. Coates, a County Election candidate, highlighted at our recent Hustings that when Hayling’s Police Station was closed and a new Office opened in Hayling’s Library, Hayling was promised a shift pattern that would provide a PCSO and a Constable on the Island at all times. He went on to note that in fact these Police Officers are also called to Portsmouth for support. His Freedom of Information request checking this will be worth hearing. Our increasing population with new housing inevitably places more pressure on an already stretched Police force.

Some residents of Fathoms Reach are distressed at the prospect that currently open, community used land may be the subject of building that will use their narrow roads for access. Apparently Havant B.C. had the option to purchase this land, and our Horticultural Society has been lobbying for years for the Council to provide more allotments: we hear that Hayling has the longest waiting list but while a Council is legally required to provide allotments, there is no time limit within which they must do so. Consequently Taylor Wimpey has made lucrative offers to homes so they can gain access to build on this green area. Such land is what we all need to be ‘growing locally’ – saving fuel, providing fresher food.

Meanwhile please be aware of the relatively new Public Space Protection Orders introduced by Havant B.C. following a consultation this winter. If you choose to let your dog run freely and you don’t see it fouling, you will be given a fixed penalty notice when caught or reported. A reminder that as we all want to enjoy our Blue Flag beach without worrying about dog fouling, in 2 sections, between May 1st- September 30th, dogs are banned. Please see for more information.

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