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Many people may still be undecided and others already 'tuning out' of the political debates but unless we all make the simple effort to vote, the result will not be democratic. Whilst those unhappy with the EU Referendum result continually campaign for another vote, that does not happen with a General Election and we must all live with the consequences for up to 5 years. Please don't waste your vote.

On Wednesday May 31st Warblington & Denvilles Residents' Association hosted a Hustings involving all our constituency's Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and over 200 people - including many from Haying Island - were in the audience. There were good questions that enabled each candidate to make best use of their time to explain their positions. Whilst there were considered and clear responses, there were, sadly, many instances of what is described as 'tub-thumping': this provided little clarity or explanation on policies which we do need to hear.

The really important element in both this Hustings and HIRA's earlier County Hustings was the opportunity it gave the audiences to watch and hear the candidates' responses to live questions. This is hugely important and the reason why, whenever possible, we voters really need to make the effort to attend such Public Meetings and not rely upon carefully crafted answers either on social media or on paper.

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