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HBC Regeneration!

Last week HBC presented their re-vamped Regeneration strategy with a video for guests at a launch for Havant Town Centre. The Havant Civic Society (see their website) met with the Regeneration Team, headed up by Clare Chester. The main focus currently is the development on the car park near the Plaza and the Meridian Centre. It is important for all residents to visit HBC's website, input ‘Have with Havant’ with further links. Also click on this link’s top image ‘The Vision’ & scroll down to a video for graphic images for eg autonomous vehicles on a renewed bridge:

These plans merit careful examination, not least because of what is proposed for the proposed link with Hayling Island and our west and south coastlines. If you are also aware of the escalating erosion on these shores, then you may be a little surprised at the part they play in the Regeneration strategy. We know that Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership have mapped out the entire Hayling coastline and are making bids for funding work. However, it is difficult to see how their 'let go' or 'managed retreat' policies accommodate HBC"s specific strategies for Hayling. Let your Councillors know your views on what is proposed.

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