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Sinah Field:Barratt Homes Appeal

Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA) is surprised that Sinah Field Developer, Barratt Homes, has chosen to launch an Appeal to the Planning Inspector on the basis of non-determination, because HBC’s decision was effectively delayed by COVID-19 rules that prevented the March DMC (Development Management Company) on this matter from taking place. I understand that the DMC for this application had already been planned to take place ‘virtually’ in June.

However I learned that, in line with Government regulations, a DMC will still take place in the near future to ascertain how the Council would have voted for the Sinah Field application and this will still go to the Inspectorate. The Sinah site’s suitability for the proposed intensive development remains highly contentious; but it is clearly driven by the equally questionable push to build on every possible green space in the Borough. The Council also hope that the Sinah development will provide the Community Infrastructure Levy which will help to fund the traffic lights and roundabouts proposed in the Hayling Island Transport Assessment; these of course would only be in place after the development’s resultant increased traffic congestion and there is no certainty that these additions to Hayling’s A3023 will make it easier to commute on and off the Island.

Barratts are requesting in informal hearing at which all concerned parties would present and discuss their written concerns about the Sinah Field Application with an Inspector.

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