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Eastoke Access Improvement

Local resident argued for & achieved improved pedestrian access onto Eastoke Beach as she thanked Councillors for their intervention with NORSE: Thank you to you all for any influence you have been able to bear on the 'contractors' or whoever should be taking responsibility for the quality of the work.

A slope has been provided by Meath Close which is very good news. The 'contractors' haven't provided one by the Bembridge Drive footpath access but I'm hoping this will be fixed this week.

Thank you for the photo Leah - perhaps I haven't been clear - I understand why the defences are there - I lived through these floods growing up on Southwood Road!

What I cannot accept is the total disregard for pedestrian access to the shoreline to swim, kayak and walk from the footpaths! A first this year!

I have attached a photo from May 2019 - I had to complain that year as I do every year! I can't help but feel the contractors instructions should be clearer! It shows a much better/safer/less steep profile and a lovely wide and clear promenade safe for wheelchairs, buggies, walkers, runners and cyclists! (and in covid times making it much easier to keep 2m apart)

Thanks again and fingers crossed we have seen the last of the storms this year.


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