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Licensing Application

New Licensing Application or find it on the Council's website with further information It is important that people living within range of this venue read it & make any comments urgently - unfortunately it appears that people have only just read it on a public notice nearby, suggesting that unless they were walking along the road, they would miss it. There is an email on the same page of the Council's website so representations can be sent in by the August 1st deadline. Please share.

HAVANT.GOV.UK Current licensing applications | Havant Borough Council We are required by law to advertise certain applications so that anyone with an interest can have their say. Any person or authority wishing to make a representation on a licensing application must do so in writing to the Public Service Plaza, Havant, PO9 2AX by no later than 28 days from the date of notice.

Written representations can also be sent by email to

Representations must be under one or more of the following licensing objectives:

  • the prevention of public nuisance

  • public safety

  • the prevention of crime and disorder

  • the protection of children from harm


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