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TSB Closure & More Housing

If COVID-19’s long-term health implications have not hit some of us yet then unfortunately everyone can be in no doubt that financially every one of us will be footing the bill, one way or another, for years to come. Which is why everyone must respect the ongoing, however variable, rules governing health precautions. Indisputably all ages can recover but equally die or experience long-term disabilities from COVID-19. Every health issue is a cost to society, in work or taxation. Everyone must take personal responsibility.

HIRA’s October AGM public meeting was cancelled for this reason as is the Scouts’ Book Sorting/Sales, Christmas Posting and so many vital major revenue events at our invaluable Community Centres and Church Halls. Realistically HICC – as advertised – urgently needs a reliable revenue stream. If you have practical solutions, contact HICC now. We need the survival of such vital community venues! What can you do or provide to keep voluntary services effective? To add to Islanders’ woes, Hayling’s surviving Bank, TSB, closes 09-6-21. Queues outside Hayling’s Post Offices must surely increase.

Against this national calamity, it beggars belief that MPs’ basic salary of £81,932, following annual increases, and not counting expenses for offices, staff, accommodation and travel, is even being considered for increase linked to public sector growth figure of 4.1%. How many and which MPs will reject this proposal by IPSA, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority? Given that Government’s huge bail-outs – also to scamming companies! – will eventually be paid for by the rest of us, shouldn’t our MPs similarly stand with the electorate and, whilst not themselves suffering furloughs and job losses, at least tighten their own belts?

Whilst awaiting the Appeal regarding Land North of Sinah Lane APP/18/00724, HBC’s Development Management Committee heard Deputations October 29th, their deliberations unknown at time of writing and likely available from HBC. Land at Lower Rd., Bedhampton APP/19/00427, for which planning permission was refused, is now subject to a Planning Inspectorate’s Appeal Ref APP/X1735/W/20/3259067 and all representations must be received by 18-11-20. Contact HBC or HIRA (below) for necessary online guidance.

Natural England, a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Dept. for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, is responsible and Government advisor for ensuring England’s natural environment is protected and improved. Its “vision” for the next five years is that nature is allowed to thrive where people live, work and play, to ensure people’s health and wellbeing, and to mitigate climate change effects (online Building Partnerships for Nature’s Recovery). How can this be reconciled with both current Governmental imposition of housing numbers plus radical increases of these for English Local Authorities? In Havant (and Hayling) remaining prime agriculture land, wildlife corridors and refuges have been allocated for intensive building. 2020 White Paper Consultations on Planning substantially increase this housebuilding with no guarantees of affordable housing nor net zero homes. Please write to Alan Mak MP as Government Papers certainly do plan to allocate housing numbers. Also visit Save Our South Coast Alliance which is gathering widespread support.


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