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UK Sewage threatens marine life

Whilst our Council has approved a 'green agenda', the national scandal of raw sewage dumping continues. According to the Government's Environment Agency, whose task is to find failures and require rectification, sewage monitors in England do not work 90% of the time. Why then is Southern Water consulting the public on permitting it to send its Budds Farm recycled sewage into the new, enlarged water reservoir at Havant Thicket? How can the public trust Southern Water when its ongoing sewage failures are allowed to continue? The most recent Government fine only applied to failures up to a few years ago but these continue. It is supremely ironic that England may have to rely on its European neighbours to take the necessary legal action to stop our waters' sewage pollution (Sky News August 25th 2022). UK sewage threatens marine life Surely those who voted for BREXIT did so on the understanding that we could trust our own Government to take all necessary action for those failing to protect our own resources, namely our environment.


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