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Urgent Photos re recent pollution

Penny Mordaunt has urgent request from anyone with recent seawater pollution evidence as follows:

UPDATE thread regarding Southern Water, the Environment Agency and the pollution in the harbour at the weekend:

Today I met with Southern Water and had an update from the Environment Agency.

Earlier this week I spoke with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Minister Pow about the situation.

Southern Water have advised they are investigating the nature and cause of the material in the harbour. This has included studies by an external organisation that has taken Ribs all around the area and collected samples. These have been sent to a lab and the results will be known soon.

It would be very helpful if any video footage was taken at weekend or since could be sent to

(Especially any footage of material other than the brown foam, eg. wet wipes, sanitary products etc). We will share this with Southern Water.

There are a couple of meetings you may be interested to know are taking place.

Firstly Southern Water, the Environment Agency, Natural England, MPs plus local councils in The Solent area, DEFRA and OFWAT are meeting to plan and push through major works to tackle the issue of discharges. The date of the next meeting is due to be 26th November 2021.

This meeting has also looked at the issue of warnings, their accuracy and the frequency of discharges. If you want to be kept up to date on this long term work please get in touch with my office.

Secondly, I am facilitating a meeting between Southern Water and local people who have been heavily involved in this issue in order to update on both the resolution and what is happening meantime. I will be in touch with stakeholders once a venue is confirmed.

I have made it clear to DEFRA that while improving communications is welcome the aim has to be ending the pollution of our coast. It will take investment and SW to improve its delivery. This is necessary for both the quality of life and the economic success of Portsmouth.

By having all players around the table (including the regulator), we stand the best chance of doing that.

I am expecting a further update from the Environment Agency later today regarding last weekend. I will keep you posted.

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