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Save Hayling Petition

Please copy and paste either of the following, or simply input one address into your browser in order to sign the Petition: https://www.change.org/p/havant-borough-council-save-our-island http://www.savehayling.org/

Alan Mak MP's Parliamentary Questions!

An eagle-eyed HIRA member spotted the following Parliamentary exchange on October 24th 2016 re Havant Borough Council's Draft Housing Plan Statement, between Alan Mak MP and Gavin Barwell Minister of State for, amongst other responsibilities, Housing and Planning: Please copy and paste this web address into a new tab to see the original debate https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2016-10-24a.14.1&s=speaker%3A25285#g14.2 Alan Mak MP addressing Gavin Barwell: What steps he is taking to build and develop more homes? Gavin Barwell Minister of State: My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State recently announced the £3 billion home building fund to ensure that we are not so reliant on a few

Question Alan Mak MP

If you wish to meet with and question our local MP Alan Mak on any issue, we understand that he will be available to his constituents on Thursday October 27th between 9am-10:30am near the Sky Stand inside the Meridien Centre in Havant.

Neighbourhood Plans: Protect Hayling's Future

HIRA highlighted this important Legislative tool at Friday's Public Meeting/AGM and provided A4 handouts for residents to seriously consider commencing such a plan for Hayling Island. Such a Plan could work to require future Developers to, for example, provide necessary infrastructure or eg cycle and pedestrian pathways that benefit the community. Once accepted it has legislative effect. Please contact us if you wish copies. Status: Came into effect in the 2011 Housing Act. Havant’s dedicated officer is jacqueline.boulter@havant.gov.uk It has Statutory effect meaning that the Council must heed it when Planning, and it must conform with the National Planning Policy Framework and the Havant

Asset of Community Value

HIRA provided an A4 handout on this very important application that residents can make for any space currently used by the community and which you want to protect as an 'Asset'. You can find information about these online or from the Council, which has its own Application Form, but below is a summary of what an 'Asset' is and the application's purpose: In England, an asset of community value (ACV) is land or property of importance to a local community which is subject to additional protection from development under the Localism Act 2011 Chapter 3 Part 5. Online you can find much information about these and how we can use them to help protect our local areas’ ‘assets’ from certain developme


It is with real sadness that we said 'goodbye' to Nick Jones last night in his capacity as a very active Committee member for HIRA. His keen sense of humour and constant good sense quite apart from his unstinting willingness to take on some of the less appealing aspects of street leafleting and document research, made him a wonderful Committee member. So 'thank you' again Nick and we greatly appreciate your generous offer to continue to support HIRA in whatever practical ways that you can.

Did You Know...?

This was read aloud before Alan Mak spoke last night, so that the over 200 residents would know exactly why every level of Government, and its Agencies, demonstrate real ignorance about Hayling's unique status. In response to HIRA’s request, we learned that there have been over 778 individual responses to Havant BC’s Housing Plan 2036 of which the computer software found 209 relate to development on Hayling and as of Sept 23 there were another 90 to analyse. I believe that ‘individual’ includes Residents’ Associations that represent many individual responses to those Associations. Now I know that Alan Mak, as our Member of Parliament, will be most anxious to hear the concerns of his Haylin

Alan Mak MP Faces 'Yes' or 'No' Question

At yet another of our well attended Public Meetings last night, where over 200 Hayling residents put probing questions to our Guest Speaker Alan Mak MP, the audience heard how gravely all tiers of our Government and their Agencies underestimate Hayling's unique geographical situation. Islanders at the meeting were clearly shocked that National Policy - details of this given on the next Post - itself has put practically impossible housing demands on our own Havant BC which is literally running out of space just to comply with new, 2012, Government requirements. Alan Mak was asked if his Havant wide constituents - whose Residents' Associations are now in Alliance to defend dwindling wildlife

Chair's Annual Report

It is always a pleasure to work with fellow enthusiasts on matters that affect every one of us on Hayling Island, and you can be proud of your small Committee that continues to work hard on your behalf. Please note that we save your money where we can, holding our 4-6 weekly meetings in one another’s homes, making phone calls, emails, website and designing hard copy materials in our own time. As you will see under ‘Our Audited Accounts’ below, we are extremely grateful for a handful of people and businesses who have provided us with the essential support needed to publish posters and leaflets. However we are primarily a self help Association and it is you, the members, whose annual subscript

Housing Plan Proposal Delayed

We have learned that our Havant BC Planning Team has had to delay its submission to the Borough Council Cabinet from October 26th to November 16th. If Cabinet approves it, then it goes to full Council on December 7th. We will post on this website as well as notify our members who are on email when the public can attend the hearing so that we know exactly how it is discussed. Please get in touch with your Councillor and establish just how much of the various weighty background documents such as the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) , the Technical Report 1985 which highlights the A3023 Havant Road's inadequacy for the then increased traffic, and

Borough Wide Residents' Alliance Meeting with Planning Officers

In response to the 10 Residents' Associations - that include HIRA - and Stakeholders in Havant Borough, Planning Officers have agreed to meet with us on October 19th to discuss our key concerns about the proposed Local Housing Plan 2036. We are all aware of the national pressures being put onto our Council and we will be seeking ways to mitigate some of its worst effects. It is clear to us that our green spaces have been inadequately protected. What many residents have assumed is that our County and Borough Councils and their Councillors have protected important environmental and socially important areas. Increasingly, we are all becoming aware that what is important to us residents, and

778 Public Responses to Housing Plan 2036!

In response to HIRA's enquiry of Havant BC Planning Team as to what proportion of the Borough wide responses has come from Hayling Island, David Hayward, Havant BC Planning Officer, informed us that, of the 778 individual responses to the proposed Housing Plan 2036: there were 1054 individual comments within those responses 209 of those comments relate to development on Hayling island there are still 90 responses still to analyse. He also explained that: "if the Housing Statement does not go forward, I would consider that there would be a higher risk of speculative development getting planning permission (particularly by Inspectors at appeal). Particularly given the fact that the borough doe

Borough wide Alliance against Local Plan

Hayling Joins Forces in Battle for Our Green Spaces www.haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk No fewer than 10 Residents’ and Stakeholders’ groups, representing thousands of Havant wide residents have joined forces and formed Havant Borough Residents Alliance (HBRA). We have requested an urgent meeting with the key Councillors and Planning Officers before the important October 26th Cabinet meeting, concerning the new Housing Plan 2036. It should be mentioned that Waterlooville RA has also given their backing to this move. There is real frustration by all these groups, some of whose increase in membership since the August Plan publication, directly reflects residents’ anger and more localised g

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